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Online Dating Site & Personals is an upscale dating website with new technology and VIP treatment making it enjoyable to use, giving you a chance to meet at our members only events or engage in electronic conversations from the safety and comfort of your home computer.

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We bring singles from all cultures, nationalities, or religious backgrounds to where even the simplest of a person can be a VIP if you are at least the ages of 21-45, and 45-70.

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Go at your own pace in finding love and romance while you are still able to save for more important things like that new apartment, house, car, etc

We are based out of New York and opening offices in the 50 states. Click here to register and attend our Ebony Goddess Speed Dating event on Sunday, June 18,2017 @ 4:30pm in Manhattan NY. Age group is 26-46. web pages are copyrighted. Page content and company dynamics may not be reproduced without the written permission from


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